Our Goals

 Short Term

  • Plumb outdoor shower
  • Shelves in pantry
  • Built-in bookshelves in Library
  • Organize Green Bedroom closet
  • Work on laundry room
  • Work on porch/sunroom
  • Make path from patio to outdoor shower
  • Finish guest bathroom
  • Have contractor repair library, dining room & hall bath ceilings
  • Replace/recover kitchen countertops
  • Replace kitchen backsplash
  • Replace kitchen cabinet doors

Five(?) Year Plan


  • Refi the house – if it still makes sense to do so with interest rates going up
  • Remove carpet & lay hardwood – also hopefully way, way sooner than 5 years!
  • Add a door & window(s) to laundry room
  • Figure out how to get more natural light in the guest room (transoms? tubular skylights?)
  • Add small, frosted window to guest room closet
  • Stucco the parts of house with T-111 siding
  • New roof (metal?)
  • Enclose the porch into a sunroom


  • Set up personal/portfolio website finally up! and only 4 years after graduation! (sarcasm)
  • Watch R graduate & walk at graduation (woohoo!!)
  • Grow freelance business (graphic design and interior design)
  • Grow the blog?
  • Take real estate classes
  • Buy a rental/investment property
  • Start a family

Past goals

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