To Do List

This section is mostly for our own benefit, a list of what we hope to accomplish (as well as a running log of what we already tackled).


  • Mailbox
  • New doorbell surround
  • House numbers
  • Repaint house (Valspar 3003-8A Fairmont Suite Gold, with Valspar 4008-2B Almost Charcoal windowsills and planter)
  • Spanish tile on front steps
  • Spanish tile door surround
  • Replace front porch light
  • Back porch fan
  • Replace storm door
  • Light over pool table
  • Caulk living room windows
  • Build outdoor shower surround
  • Remove dying oak tree
  • Remove wavy tile & concrete, add patio
  • Build Adirondack chairs
  • Build outdoor sofa
  • New rug back porch
  • Replace front door
  • Plumb outdoor shower
  • Plumb utility sink on back porch
  • Repaint exterior ( Valspar 3005-8B Jekyll Crane Cottage Yellow, with Valspar 4004-2B windowsills and planter)
  • Wire light by backdoor and new outlets
  • Add light on master bedroom side of house
  • Add light in outdoor shower
  • Finish new pool table light
  • Add light over outdoor sink
  • Add wash or landscape lighting on green bedroom/art room side of house
  • Paint back porch ceiling
  • Plan of attack for back porch floor
  • Install new doors in back porch/sunroom
  • Install slider windows in back porch/sunroom
  • Install new doorbell chime
  • Build carport
  • Seed lawn
  • Landscape


  • Console table
  • Hallway light fixture
  • Paint around new breaker box
  • Hang mirror over breaker box
  • Add coat/purse hooks
  • Replace AC closet door & knob
  • Paint hallway doors


  • Paint (Valspar 2008-2B Spun Honey)
  • New curtains
  • Replace air vent
  • Built-in bookshelves on far wall
  • Repaint (Valspar CI184 Glass Tile)
  • Paint built-in bookshelves
  • Paint built-in cabinets
  • Paint built-in counter
  • Build or order cabinet doors
  • Design & wire bookshelf lights
  • Install bookshelf lights
  • Fix ceiling
  • Order custom blinds
  • Hang new curtains
  • Decide on & order larger rug
  • Fireplace makeover
  • Add crown moulding

Dining Room

  • Paint (Valspar 2008-2B Spun Honey above chair rail, Valspar 5004-1C Green Tea Leaves below chair rail)
  • Hang new, DIY light fixture
  • Replace air vent
  • Repaint (Valspar Portland above chair rail,  Valspar 5002-5C Lyndhurst Duchess Blue below)
  • Paint (Valspar CI184 Glass Tile above chair rail, white below)
  • New rug
  • New chairs
  • New, larger table
  • New (Craigslist) china cabinet
  • Design and hang new light with vintage glass globes
  • Fix ceiling cracks
  • Add lights in china hutch
  • Add crown moulding


  • Paint with leftover bedroom paint (Valspar SR811 Cool Reflection)
  • Repaint immediately (Valspar SR809 Sea Mist Green)
  • New stove & dishwasher
  • DIY roller curtain
  • Light over sink
  • Install bridge faucet
  • Install vinyal plank flooring 
  • New refrigerator
  • Chalkboard wall
  • Replace air vent
  • Remove existing pantry
  • Move fridge over
  • Repaint again (Valspar CI184 Glass Tile)
  • Build fridge cabinet
  • Pantry transom
  • Pantry light
  • Pantry shelves
  • Fill nail holes and touch up in pantry
  • Backsplash in pantry (?)
  • Replace outlets and disposal switch
  • Build or order new cabinet doors
  • Install new cabinet hardware
  • Replace counters
  • Replace backsplash
  • Under cabinet lighting
  • Smooth ceiling (or plank?)
  • Add crown moulding
  • Address flooring (again)

Living Room

  • Paint (Valspar 2008-2B Spun Honey)
  • Buy rug
  • Sofa table
  • Paint trees on accent wall
  • Back door curtain
  • Make curtains
  • Make an ottoman
  • Replace air vents
  • Remove fan and put up flushmount light fixture
  • Hang globe light over round table
  • DVD shelf
  • Repaint (Valspar ar1318 Skyline Shadow)
  • Replace couch
  • Swap coffee table
  • Replace liquor cabinet
  • Replace curtains
  • Caulk between boards on ceiling
  • Remove unused switches by DVD shelf
  • Wider crown moulding(?)
  • Remove carpet and lay hardwood
  • Replace windows (newer, more energy efficient)

Master Bedroom (Formerly the Guest Room)

  • Paint (Valspar 2008-2B Spun Honey)
  • Curtain
  • Build bedframe
  • Replace door & knob
  • New (to us) nightstands
  • New (to us) dresser
  • Add transom windows over laundry, closet and bathroom doors
  • Check exterior walls for insulation
  • Remove carpet and lay hardwood
  • Repaint walls (Valspar 5010-10 St. Francis Hotel Spirit Blue)
  • Install new closet door
  • Smooth ceiling (or plank?)
  • Tubular sky lights?
  • Replace air vent
  • Crown moulding
  • Buy/build headboard
  • Recover bed frame? (depends on headboard)
  • Hang new curtains and curtain rod
  • New bedside lights (DIY?)
  • New light/fan

Master Bathroom (formerly the Guest Bath)

  • Hate it
  • Paint (Valspar SR 1011 Summer Sorbet) and live with
  • Unexpectedly discover mold after pipe bursts
  • Demo everything enthusiastically
  • Save up and buy supplies
  • Move toilet line and drain
  • Run wiring for lights, fan, and heated floor
  • Install vent fan & drywall on ceiling
  • Hire a plumber to run tub and shower lines
  • Hire contractor to hang new drywall, build box to support tub, frame pocket door, tile shower & tub surround and lay floor tile
  • Discover while attaching tub drain pipe that contractor has done extremely poor work 
  • Decide whether to make bathroom functional, or to save up (again) and completely redo it. Again.
  • Install toilet
  • Install sink

Laundry Room

  • Repair pipe that rat chewed
  • Repair drywall
  • Remove falling shelves around top
  • Half-heartedly paint (Valspar SR1008 Under The Sea)
  • Replace light fixture
  • Replace door
  • Hire plumber (to move water heater piping & route pipes for outdoor shower & porch sink)
  • Replace old, inefficient water heater
  • Move washer and dryer hookups.
  • Build subfloor
  • Repair drywall (again)
  • Install sink
  • Build closet around water heater and shelves beside
  • New flooring
  • Replace door knob
  • Repaint (Valspar CI184 Glass Tile)
  • Plank ceiling?
  • Install secondary AC unit for addition?
  • Add window or tubular skylight?
  • Door to backyard?
  • Door from living room?

Hall Bathroom

  • Paint (Valspar SR 1011 Summer Sorbet)
  • New sink faucet
  • Replace shower head
  • Replace air vent
  • Replace toilet
  • Remove closet door
  • Remove old unused airbox
  • Replace tub handles, spout & valve
  • Move shower head up 8-10″
  • Repair toilet leak
  • Replace hall door & knob with salvaged ones
  • Replace closet door with salvaged door
  • Add salvaged glass knob to closet door
  • Replace vent fan
  • Fix peeling paint on ceiling
  • Touch up paint at top of walls, or repaint with Valspar CI184 Glass Tile
  • Refinish walls inside of closet
  • Repaint hall and closet door
  • Change flooring (add radiant heat floor?)
  • Replace sink & faucet
  • Restore wall tile & re-grout
  • Refinish bathtub

Green Bedroom (formerly Master Bedroom)

  • Paint (Valspar SR811 Cool Reflection)
  • Hang manzanita branch sconces
  • Hang curtains (twice)
  • DIY Bedframe (paint, add glass knobs as post finials)
  • Remove fan, hang light
  • Paint ceiling
  • Replace air vent
  • Replace door & knob
  • Make two more curtain panels
  • Wide crown moulding
  • Build closet organizer
  • Install closet light
  • French doors for closet
  • Move former shoe cabinet and PB Square chair into art room

Art Room

  • Paint (Valspar SR1201 Reflection Pond)
  • Make curtains
  • Paint water damaged bankers chair
  • Hang pulldown map
  • Replace fan with light
  • Paint inside closet office (Valspar WV41011 Deep Peri, from Oops section)
  • Make coffee bag pinboard
  • Make new surface for desk
  • Pinboard above closet desk
  • Replace air vent
  • Add light over closet desk
  • Replace door & knob
  • French doors for closet
  • Refinish Eemco desk chair
  • Add shelving around closet desk
  • Add monitor riser
  • Move flat files to shed
  • Move former shoe cabinet & PB Square chair in from green bedroom
  • Move rolltop into office
  • Wide crown moulding (?)

Office (formerly 4th Bedroom/Dog Room/R’s Closet)

  • Replace door & knob
  • Paint
  • Build dog kennels into closet
  • Build windowseat and bookshelves around window
  • Move rolltop infrom art room

Not Blog-Sexy

  • New air handler (our home warranty provided by the seller helped with this)
  • Programmable thermostat
  • New electrical panel
  • Repair soffit vents
  • Remove/replace concrete easement at base of driveway (the city did this for us while repaving the street)
  • Hire plumber to remove as much of the old galvanized pipe as possible (among other replumbing projects)
  • Secondary AC unit in laundry/master-suite addition?
  • Replace roof
  • Replace rain gutters
  • Better insulation throughout
  • Replace windows throughout
  • Box in soffits

Dream Projects

  • Hardi/Stucco over areas that have T-111
  • Enclose porch to make sunroom
  • Build garage with attached studio

Check out some of the items we check off on our Projects page.

9 Responses to To Do List

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  2. Leslie says:

    My husband and I have had a running list since 2006! When we made it, we each ranked on a scale of 1-10 everything on the list. On some things we were way off (he doesn’t dream of a pool like I do!) and on others we realized our early priorities. Seeing the checked off tasks has been a good way to feel the prgress!

    • Cait says:

      I think it will be interesting to see how Robert wants to order things in terms of what we should do soon versus later. I feel like we agree on most things, but when we first bought the house a shed was WAY higher on his list that mine.

  3. Good luck! My list is always growing also =) it’s cool to have a visual to keep you on track! =)


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