Our House

This page, like our house, is a work in progress. Please excuse the clutter in some of the photos!

Robert and I started house hunting in 2010, and we were immediately drawn to this house. We were actually driving through the neighborhood looking to see if anything was for sale, and my parents we out on a walk and stopped to point out this house. A few days later my mom and I were able to see it during and open house, and we knew we needed to come back with Robert and our realtor.

Thanks to the copious amounts of contractor’s beige applied by the seller, our house was pretty much a blank slate, as you can see in the before pictures. Over the last five and a half years, we’ve been working on making our house a place we can really call home.


This is the room you walk into when you enter the front door; the library, as it came to be known.

Initially we painted the library, along with the other two main living spaces, a light yellow and added comfortable seating and a plush wool rug.

library yellow

It was perfect for reading by a fire, but we had dreams of turning the back wall into built-in shelving. It was actually one of the first projects I mentioned to Robert when we were first looking at the house. Eventually we found some bookshelves at our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore and built the lower cabinets and counter. We repainted the walls a light blue color, with a darker blue on the backs of the bookshelves. We’re still working on the finishing touches like trim and lighting.


We also moved the tan chair into another room and brought in a blue velvet chair. We’re hoping to replace the curtains with custom blinds and move the striped rug into another room soon in favor of a larger one that makes the chair feel more like part of the room.



entryway table

Our house doesn’t have a true entryway, so we created one on the wall beside the fireplace with a DIY hairpin leg table and a pretty frameless arch mirror.


The pass-through dining room had great potential, but the light fixture wasn’t our style and we needed a place to store our wedding china.


We continued the library wall color into the dining room above the chair and DIYed a new light fixture. A china cabinet from Craigslist added some much-needed extra storage space.


A few years later on, we repainted, moved the farmhouse style table into the art room, and bought an expanding table. We also swapped out the rug and DIYed a new, more linear light fixture.


kitchen before

The kitchen had dated appliances and even more dated hardware. We painted the walls a light green color, upgraded the appliances, replaced the cabinet hardware, swapped the sink & faucet out, added a light over the sink, and laid some new vinyl flooring.


A few years later, we repainted, replaced the fridge, and removed the old pantry. We also switched the fridge and pantry placement by building a new fridge surround and pantry closet.



We’ve since done a bit more work on the pantry, and I will try to update these photos soon.


living room before

The living room was a little dark and dated, but again, pretty much a blank slate.


We brightened things up with the same paint color as in the library and dining rooms, and some colorful accesories.


We also added an entryway of sorts by the backdoor for when we come in from walking the dogs or bike riding.


We have a second table in a corner of the living room which is a great serving area when we have a lot people over, because since the living room is right off of the dining room and the kitchen space is at a premium. It also makes a nice table for playing card games. We made this area of the living room feel more like its own space by painting the accent wall with birch trees and adding a DIYed globe pendant light.


hall bath 1

The hallway bathroom is very 50s with the original tile. We frosted the window shortly after moving in and added a shelf above the toilet, but it still needed something else, so we painted it a light blue-green color.

hall bath 2

green bedroom

master bedroom before

The original master bedroom had great hardwood floors, but it needed color. We painted it green, made new curtains, and modified a bed frame after being inspired by one from Pottery Barn.

master bedroom after


art room before

We loved the corner windows in this room, but it needed some personality so we painted it blue and added a couple of desks & a stack of flat files.



We’re currently working on making this room a bit more functional, by adding  more shelving and moving the rolltop desk into the office.


cloet office



Unfortunately I don’t think I have a better before photo of this space, but we are currently working to make Robert an office space in the fourth bedroom. This room had pretty much only served as a room for dog crates until recently.



real master before

This is also pretty terrible photo of the drab master bedroom addition. This space was originally a carport, but it was converted into a bedroom, bathroom and walk-in closet at some point in the 1990s.

The door seen above to the left leads to the laundry room, and the door to the right leads to the living room. There is a window centered on the wall opposite the door to the living room, and the closet & the bathroom doors are on the wall opposite the door to the laundry room. The room is a pretty generous size at about 11 feet x 13 feet.


We continued the yellow that we originally used in the library, dining room & living room, DIYed a bed frame, and added a wing chair & a wall mounted bedside table.

master bathroom text

master bathroom

The guest bath’s garden tub was one of the many reasons we fell in love with the house, but we weren’t sold on the biscuit colored everything so we painted the walls the same color as the hall bathroom, frosted the glass and changed out the shower curtain for one similar to to the one in the other bathroom as well.

master bathroom 2

We also changed out the medicine cabinet in favor of a mirror and a new light fixture.

master bathroom 3

Note: We have since demoed this bathroom and are working on renovating it.