Design Assistance

Can’t find the perfect paint color? Having trouble tracking down that sconce you saw in a magazine? Run into trouble while whipping up a sleek header or blog buttons? I can help!

Over the past two years I’ve thought of various ways that blogging could help bring in income to fund projects. Part of the reason I haven’t taken this leap before is that I know myself, and I know that I like diversity. Recently I thought it might be beneficial (both to me and prospective clients!) to offer a variety of services for anyone currently struggling to find the right design.

There’s nothing quite like chatting with readers about design choices, whether it’s paint color options, how to brace a shower head, or the best way to bridge the gap between two components of built in shelving. I do my best to answer any email/Twitter questions I get promptly, but I thought it might be time to offer more, in case an email doesn’t quite do the trick.

  • design & color advice
  • custom design boards
  • blog headers & graphics
  • business cards
  • logos

I have a graphic design degree and a number of years of experience with creating graphics for the web, as well as a keen eye for color and interior design. As a blogger I’ve been featured in an online magazine and written several guest posts for fellow bloggers.

Want to work together? Please email me at for more information about services and pricing!

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