Design Assistance: Perfecting the Look

Apologies again for all the issues with the last post, I have no idea why certain posts decide to break things like that! Also, in trying to fix the post I did a WordPress update and a theme update, and now I can’t get my link colors back to what they are supposed to be, even after altering the Stylesheet’s CSS. Bummer.

Sometimes a design plan doesn’t fly on the first try. When I initially published my last post, Jess and I thought the best plan was for her to go with the larger Stenstorp island and paint the base with something like this Rustoleum silver paint to help it from blending into her base cabinets (since she doesn’t have a good place to spray paint). We also liked the idea of her possibly replacing the top with a larger Numerär countertop so that there was more knee room on all sides. The main issue with this plan is that the Numerär counter is a little long for the Stenstorp base, and Jess doesn’t own a circular saw. (For anyone else who finds themselves without a saw but wanting tackle a similar project this but is without a saw — try using the Gerton table top.)

After seeing my mock up, Jess liked the idea of the stainless prep table, but she was a little sad to give up the idea of a butcher block top. Then over the weekend she sent me this snapshot of a display table in a local shop.

napa home and garden island

“Spotted this in a little shop… Two shelves, has a ‘lip’, could seat 6 in a pinch, has wheels (‘industrial’ factor), wooden shelves with gray-brown metal legs (matches the general color scheme). Asked the two salesgirls if it was for sale and was told they probably could sell it to me even though it wasn’t officially up for sale; they would have to ask the owner. They said they thought the brand was Napa Home & Garden. A subsequent Google search was not helpful. Thoughts on any of this??”

At first glance I loved it, but after thinking about it for a little while I don’t really like the fact that it doesn’t have a ‘lip’ on all four sides. Also I’m concerned that the shop owner may consider this such a unique piece that even if they decide to sell it to Jess they’ll overcharge her. This West Elm Market Design Workshop Wood Top Bar + Counter is pretty similar, but way out of Jess’s price range. The  Jackson Kitchen Cart from World Market is also similar, but would be tough to use as a table since it doesn’t have knee room.

island rendering 2

island mock-up

For a similar look at a more budget-friendly price, I would combine this stainless prep table, an additional shelf, and the Ikea Gerton table top. There are casters available for the prep table as well, and I like the idea of possibly aging the stainless with a light coat of something like Pewter Rub N Buff.  This combination also allows for a lip on all sides of the island, making it easier to double as a table. Although I haven’t priced it out, a similar look could even be achieved using galvanized pipe.

stool options

low back stools | yellow stools

Another thing  Jess decided after reading my last post and emails was that she might prefer stools with a low back. Industry West makes a Low Back Stool which is similar stool to the Tabouret stools I suggested from Overstock. To keep things affordable, I would pair two of the Industry West stools with four of the less expensive Tabourets. This will also save space, as the Tabourets can be stacked when not in use. As for color, red would tie in with her red cabinet in the living room, but it might be fun to have the Tabourets in another color — maybe yellow? I also like the “vintage” metal color.

Also, on island/stool height — standard table height is around 30″, and chair seats are 17-18″. The Trinity table I recommend Jess use is 36″ and what is considered counter height. If she were to add casters then her island would be bar height. A good rule of thumb is that for the average person bar is elbow height, counter is waist height, and table is hip height.

These slight changes to the island and the stools better fit the vision Jess was going for, and still fit into the design plan I came up with. Later I’ll be addressing the issue of replacing the Kivik sofa as I mentioned at the end of the last post.

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  1. Abby says:

    Ooooooh, love those stools!

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