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Did anyone read today’s post on YHL, where they asked readers whether they would pick a $460 armchair, or a handful of accessories that total the same amount? It’s an interesting topic. In the novel of a comment I left (I’d link to it, but now I can’t find it), I mentioned that  In the given scenario, I voted for the spread vs the splurge, because I believe the white wicker chair Sherry chose would become dated quickly (I actually only liked the duvet and the bathmat in the spread, though). Had they chosen a chair with more classic lines, I’d probably have chosen the splurge.

The second half of my novel length comment referenced my parents’ living room as a room that uses statement pieces and less expensive accessories. I recently referenced the same room in a comment I made on Emily’s blog, so I figure it’s probably about time I share the goods (even if “the goods” are in the form of iPhone photos).

parents' living room

parents' living room2

parents' living room3

“I prefer to spend my money on quality investment pieces, and then accentuate with less expensive accessories. I tend to go with a mix of classic and trendy, which I guess makes my house “eclectic”. I probably come by this honestly, as my mom recently replaced the sofa she’d had for about 20 years with a West Elm Henry sofa, two West Elm Veronica chairs, then added a trendier West Elm clearance rug (the Zola, which I believe she was able to buy with rewards points) and classic curtains from J C Penny. I think that was a good decision on her part, as a rug is something relatively easy to change out when the mood strikes.”

The thing I love most about about my parents’ house is that everything is uniquely and unapologetically them. These days with blogs, countless decor magazines, Pinterest, and HGTV, it’s easy for spaces to start looking homogeneous. I’m certainly guilty of jumping on-trend with some things in our house (the living room rug, yellow&gray to name a couple). In the past I’ve described our house’s style as handmade eclectic meets West Elm, and mentioned that I like the “collected over time” look. I think my parents’ house has a comfortable, timeless charm to it; sophisticated without being overly-styled or trying too hard. It also has a certain unexpected quirk to it, which is

I’m probably biased, but I think their living room flows well into the surrounding areas. The new sofa and chairs are current enough to keep things fresh, but they have classic lines and will age well. They also pair nicely with the heirloom Danish Modern table and the salvaged armoire (which I have to say I am and always have been enamored with) in the dining room. While the total price on the room may come in over the Trading Spaces $1000 budget of yesteryear, the purchases were spread out to fit a modest budget.

The rest of the house is lovely, too. Maybe warranting an Other Pads post by Emily? It could be like a two-for-one, since our house is right around the corner. *wink*  My mom finally got her kitchen renovation after 27 years, and the slate-like tile they used was carried into the sun room (formerly known as the Playroom) off the dining room and the front room (through the doorway in the first photo).

If I remember correctly:

Living Room – The blue chair hails from Scan Design (many years ago), the white bench is from Ethan Allen, the floor lamp by the sofa is from Pottery Barn, the picture over the sofa is from IKEA, the wall hanging is from Ten Thousand Villages (this one is similar) and the TV console came from Haverty’s. The ceiling fan was a wedding present, made by Hunter. The sofa is the West Elm Henry, the white chairs are West Elm Veronica, the blue floor length thermal drapes (not pictured) are JC Penny. Across from the couch (not pictured) is an antique church pew.

Dining Room – The armoire is from a salvage shop, the teak dining table is a Danish Modern family heirloom, and I believe the barely-visible dining chairs are Scan Design.

The paint color in both spaces is Valspar’s Malted Milk.

Maybe my mom will chime in with a comment, or to answer any questions. (Unless she’s too embarrassed that I’ve posted her house on my blog – Happy Mother’s Day?) Next time I’ll show more of their amazing kitchen, but here’s a teaser. I think my mom would tell you it’s worth waiting for.

parents kitchen 2

Edited to correct sources.

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2 Responses to Friday Musings

  1. Claudia says:

    Thanks for posting our living room, Catie. Still a work in progress (is a house ever finished?) but it’s getting there. The TV console is from Haverty’s but Target has a similar one. The coffee table is a bench from Ethan Allen. I liked the narrow shape because the room is not large and some day it can be used as a bench. The thermal lined floor-to-ceiling drapes were added because the room has a southern exposure which brings in great light but also major heat a lot of months of the year here in Florida. The Hunter ceiling fan was a wedding present from a group of friends who wanted to give us something practical. Still spinning after almost 32 years.

    • Cait says:

      Thanks for the comment, Mom! xo

      Looking forward to shopping with you for soon for the dark ledge shelf, and pillows!

      I’ll edit the sources I goofed. I think you’re completely right about houses never being finished. Most houses are a work in progress on some level; I always laugh when someone says their house is finished.

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