Back Porch Daydreaming

I’ve been thinking about our back porch since I showed you the current state of our patio in my last post. We have made ridiculously slow progress when it comes to our back porch & backyard area. I’ve made a lot of plans, but we haven’t followed through on many of them. Mostly because I change my mind a lot the idea of working around a pool table has been sort of daunting. How the heck do you replace flooring under that mammoth anyhow?

Here’s the sad state of affairs that was our back porch, circa March 2011. Not much has changed. To give you a sense of scale, our back porch is about 14 feet wide by 28 feet long.

We haven’t done much yet, aside from replacing the fans and painting the walls of the house Valspar’s Oatlands Gold Buff with Almost Charcoal window sills. The other two walls remain OSB plywood painted white. How attractive.

We bought a dining set from Target for one side of the porch shortly after moving in, and on the other side is a billiards table that we received from family friends. We realized that we don’t eat out on the porch very often though, so we’re looking to  make the area more of a conversation/seating area. The table & chairs will be going to our friends who live down the street.

Fan | Rug | Sofa | Light | Coffee Table

We scored the Hunter Sanibel fan at ReStore a while back, and finally painted over the peachy-salmon color. We’re planning to DIY a version of the Tillary Outdoor Sofa, mount a tv, add a light near the back door, and make drop cloth curtains with galvanized pipe hardware. I’m also eying the Marais Coffee Table and a Quinta Nawra Trellis Outdoor Rug to finish out the space.

Further down the road we want to turn the single door opening to the patio into barn doors, and move that door to the other side of the porch (opposite the back door), leading to the dogs’ area of the yard. We also need to figure out what to do for flooring. It needs to be something that can get wet, since the screen doesn’t do much in the way of keeping rain out. Unfortunately replacing the screen with plexi or glass isn’t in the budget. Yet.

Did you notice the pea gravel flowerbeds(?) along the house? Going to be interesting flooring over those.

We picked up this restaurant style sink (also from ReStore) a while back, but need to plumb it. It will be going on the little step between the conversation area and the pool table (where the grill is in the photos above). I think initially that concrete pad was used for the AC handler, or maybe an oil tank for a heater. We may add a beer fridge in this area, too.

We have discussed the idea of making ledges for Robert’s collection of beer bottles over the sink, but we’re unsure. Drilling into the stucco doesn’t sound like much fun, so they go straight in the recycling bin. (Love you, honey!)

Barstool | Light | Billiards Table (similar to ours)

The other side of the porch will mainly be about the billiards table, of course. I’d like to center a larger light over it, possibly a DIY version of the Alliance 3 Light Chandelier from Barn Light Electric, and put a couple of bar stools on that end. The one shown is a knock off of the classic Bertoia wire chair, made be the company as our dining chairs.

Anyone else planning an outdoor space now that the weather is starting to warm up?

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15 Responses to Back Porch Daydreaming

  1. I love it!! That rug is delish and needs to come live on my balcony (that I am also redoing this summer!). When are you inviting me over for beer and pool??

  2. It’s going to be so cool! Can I come over?

  3. Gamble says:

    Ditto to previous comments! When’s the party? ;)

  4. That’s going to be amazing!! Make sure you buy your tv mount from Trust me, it’s the only place we go for any tv or audio shopping!!

  5. This looks great! Definitely looks like a great place to hang out.
    I feel like everyone gets outdoor dining sets, and then no one really uses them much. Outdoor sofas and such seem so much more practical! Even if you are eating outside, it’s usually just burgers/hotdogs, not a meal that requires sitting at a table anyways. :)
    I think my favorite part is all the lighting you picked out!

    • Cait says:

      Thanks, Ash! I’m planning a DIY version of the Alliance 3 Light Chandelier, I’ll definitely blog about it if it works out!

      Yeah, I think the last time we ate outside we just sat in the Adirondack chairs on the patio, haha!

  6. sara says:

    Great space (and vision board) to hang out in! Suggestion for the heavy pool table and tiling: Tile half, then move pool table to that side and tile the other half (that’s how my contractor did my kitchen moving the appliances to one side, tile, then switch)

    • Cait says:

      Thanks Sara!

      That’s what we think we will probably end up doing. We would need to DIY some sort of heavy duty dolly though, because that mother is HEAVY.

  7. Ginger says:

    Why not just skip the flooring for now? Paint it a great color, clear it out a bit, and add in a couch and little bar cart, the TV at one end, and a few stools, throw up some colorful art, and I bet you’d be Then throw a beer-pool-sportstv-weekend-afternoon party. ;) Guarantee nobody will notice the floor.

    • Cait says:

      Thanks for the comment, Ginger!

      We are planning to skip the floor for now, that will probably be Phase 2, once we decide if we want to do tile or a concrete coating. Our sofa is about halfway finished, and I ordered the rug. Totally looking forward to throwing a party once those two things (and maybe the tv) are in place!

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