5 Things I Love About Florida

Please don’t hate me too much if you’re currently up to your waist in snow and negative temperatures…

Friday seems like a good time to write a brief ode to my beloved Florida, so here are my current Top 5 Things I Love About Florida. Being winter, they’re mostly weather-related. In the fall this list tends to include more football/tailgating, in the summer it’s (even) more about the weather, seafood, and water sports.

1. The Weather – Florida weather can be nutty sometimes. It might be in the 80s one day, and a freeze warning the next, but just about the time you’re sick of the current weather and longing to lie on a beach somewhere it will do a 180 and be sunny and perfect again. (We always say “Don’t like the weather? Wait 15 minutes, it’ll change”.) We basically have three seasons, Hot, Hotter, and Chilly. Just enough sweater/coat weather so we don’t get sick of it, and no shoveling snow.

2. The Water – I’m pretty sure that when anyone thinks of Florida the ocean, or water in general is not far behind. The river here is pretty massive, at least compared to other parts of the country. It’s really nice to have an ocean (and the Intercoastal) on one side and a wide river on the other. Having lived in Tallahassee during college, I know that I start going stir-crazy in more “land-locked” places. (Also, in Florida “land locked” means the beach is 2 hours away instead of 20 minutes or less).

3. Sunsets – Yes, every place has sunsets, but there is just something about a Florida sunset, especially over the water, that melts tension away like nothing else. It doesn’t hurt if you’re gazing at that view with a cocktail in hand, either.

4. The Beach – I’d be remiss if the beach didn’t get it’s own number. Whether it’s winter or summer, there is nothing quite like a walk on the beach. Winter storms bring seaglass and bigger waves, and summer is perfect for soaking up some vitamin D, boating, and long walks. Our local beaches are not quite the white sandy beaches & clear water of South Florida, but they have a breathtakingly rustic beauty all their own. Check out Yellow Brick Home and Katie Bower’s posts about nearby Amelia Island if you don’t believe me.

5. Relatively Inexpensive Real Estate – Obviously this is subjective, but after a few Twitter conversations I’ve come to learn that the South has pretty inexpensive real estate compared to the rest of the country. Not as inexpensive as some parts of the Midwest, but definitely affordable. Things I consider expensive are apparently dirt cheap. Houses in our area of Florida (at least moderately sized ones like our 1850 sqft house) are in the mid-100s. $400-600k will buy you a McMansion on the river, or if you have more to spend (think the $1mil range) you could buy a larger McMansion on the river with acreage for horses and still be close to everything in town. $1-3mil would buy the same McMansion on the ocean. A more modestly sized beach house starts around $600k. Rentals are very reasonable, too.

What are you loving about where you live? Would you believe I’ve only seen snow twice in my lifetime? (And that if you even count the dusting we had here when I was 2.)

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8 Responses to 5 Things I Love About Florida

  1. Aah, it’s below zero here today, so I’ll live vicariously through you for now!

    Even though Chicago gets COLD, I’ll never tire of the beautiful skyline, lakeshore and never-ending amount of things to do!

    • Cait says:

      The skyline is a great point, Kim! I’ve always had a soft spot for skylines with water, like Chicago, Seattle, San Fran and New York. I hope to visit Chicago one day!

      Hopefully the pictures provided you a little warmth, at least vicariously! That blogger timeshare idea is sounding better and better! ;)

  2. I love living in Toronto, even if $100k only buys a parking spot here. There is something about living in a large city that is so exciting (and hello- the food options are to die for!). One day I will move onto greener pastures, but for now I am happy!

    Though I wouldn’t say no to a little heat. Summer is still a few months away. sigh…

    • Cait says:

      I can definitely see the draw of other areas! I’ve always wondered what a truly big city is like, but I think my heart will always be here in Florida. We’re basically in the perfect location, a fairly large city with decent shopping & some amazing food that is also close to farms and the beach.

      Hopefully that trip you won will take you to warmer climates for a bit!

  3. I too am soaking up the good weather. January is one of the coldest months in Kansas, and being able to take a bike ride outside here in San Diego with just a light jacket on is something I am NOT taking for granted this year. Moments like that reaffirm the decision to move out here. If I were to list my favorite things about San Diego, my list would be really similar to yours, with the exception of cheap real estate. I would sub in “AWESOME restaurants” in its stead.

    • Cait says:

      Glad you’re enjoying San Diego, Staci! We have awesome restaurants here too, and unfortunately Robert and I enjoyed them a little too much over the past month, haha! Back to cooking at home for a while, I suppose.

  4. Just looking at all those beach pictures makes me feel like going on vacation. You’re lucky to live somewhere with so much natural beauty!

    • Cait says:

      Thanks, Martina! It’s a great time of year to vacation in Florida! ;) (I guess that explains all the “snowbirds“.) I’ve definitely been taking the time to remind myself how lucky we are recently! (And would you believe the first three pictures are actually the river? It’s nearly 3 miles wide at its widest point!)

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