Wishful Thinking, Take Two

My birthday is coming up next month, and while I’m terrible at making birthday suggestions to family, I always enjoy daydreaming about the things I would buy for myself if money wasn’t an issue. Usually I at least try follow it up by making a more realistic wishlist, too.

  • Tamron AF 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5 – Last year I was lusting after the Nikon version of this lens, which is pricey even for daydreaming. This one is slightly less, gets good reviews, and would be nice for blog photos & travel.
  • Nest Thermostat – We installed a digital programmable thermostat made by Honeywell about a year ago, and then this came out. Curse my timing.
  • West Elm Reclaimed Wood Floor Mirror – If you follow me on Twitter you know we recently had our electrical panel replaced, and that I’m having trouble finding a mirror to cover the larger panel. I’d love to DIY one like this if I could find a builder-grade mirror for less than $187.
  • Target Fretwork Flat Weave Area Rug – The 8×11′ version is incredibly pricey, but would look lovely in our library or in the living room once we have our wood floors and that “step” in the middle of the room is gone.
  • Target Azzure Toss Pillows – As is usually the case, the fabric I fall in love with gets picked up by Target for pillows & ottomans. This fabric that I wanted to make curtains out of is still out of stock, but the gold color does make lovely pillows. Sidenote: I’m thinking about these curtains now

And the more realistic wishlist, most of which is hard to wrap.



  • Lowe’s giftcards – Drywall is hard to wrap, and that is the next/last big purchase for the guest bathroom.
  • Octagon Dot Floor Tile – We need about 30 sq ft of this tile (I think our local Lowe’s also has some as well) for the guest bathroom.
  • CB2 Big Dipper Floor lamp – I think this would be perfect in the living room.
  • 32gb 1st gen iPad, wifi – I have no need for one of the newer iPads, and I certainly don’t want to add another thing to our data plan, but something like this would be great for surfing the internet from the couch, or even for taking to freelance client meetings. They often pop up around $200 on eBay and Amazon for a gently-used one, which is a plus.
  • Hall Bath Vent Fan – We already bought the fan, but we haven’t installed it yet. It wouldn’t make any sense to fix the ceiling just to leave the under-powered fan. Maybe our new electrician friend can make this happen?
  • Guest Bathroom Wiring – We have the fan up, and we already bought the lights and Romex, so in an ideal world the electrician could wire that the same day as the hall fan, right?
  • Hardwood Installation – You may know we bought some reclaimed hardwood from our local ReStore a few years ago, and that it has yet to be installed in the guest room or the living room.
  • Ceiling Repair – I would love to have the crack in our library ceiling repaired. And the peeling hall bathroom ceiling. I think the guy my parents usually use is busy until at least March, though.
  • Concrete Counters -  Robert has a friend who does concrete counters, and we (ok, I) would like to try to get that ball rolling as quickly as possible.
  • Cabinet Hardware – So… I bought some zinc hardware from Lee Valley for about $28 last year. It was similar in style to the Restoration Hardware Aubrey Pull, but I’m not loving it anymore. I listed it on eBay, and am thinking the Top Knobs Asbury line of handles & knobs would coordinate with the bin pulls I bought.

Ok, so maybe that’s not very realistic either.

Honestly, I don’t need anything for my birthday. All I really want is to finish some projects that have been dragging along (like the pantry and the guest bathroom), and spend time with family. I’m fairly certain Robert and I can tackle the hardwood, but I’m considering hiring out for the wiring, and definitely for the ceilings. Anything else on my list would be icing on the metaphorical cake.


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8 Responses to Wishful Thinking, Take Two

  1. You better ask for double of all these things so that I can get them toooo. awesome choices!!

  2. Martina says:

    ooooh! love the rug! I hate how sad nice rugs make my bank account feel.

  3. Gamble says:

    I’ve been eyeing that lamp for our new place. Love it! I forgot you are also a February baby. We need a dual birthday dinner celebration!

    • Cait says:

      I can’t wait you see your new place! When do you move? February birthdays are the besssssst! Definitely down for a dual birthday dinner! (Aren’t Andrew & Robert both May babies? Too funny.)

      • Gamble says:

        We get the keys a month from today (not that I’m counting….). I will e-mail you pics. I am a little stumped about what to do working around the wall color in the living room.

        Andrew is a May baby, too. Love it!

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