Laundry Room Tweaks

I posted about a month ago about how a rat chewed through a PEX pipe in the wall of the laundry room, meaning we were starting our third simultaneous reno.

As I mentioned last month, we already have the washer, dryer, and laundry tower in the room. The paint was purchased a while back, and we already own the shelving unit, sink & faucet as well. Taking advantage of this mostly-free (ok, previously paid for) spruce, I ripped out some old wire shelving, then panicked about the 9 trillion screw holes/anchors still in the wall, called my dad in, and together we spackled & slapped up the first coat of paint last week. (While I’m not above ripping things like airboxes and shelves out myself, apparently I prefer help putting things back together. But it was a nice father-daughter afternoon!)

After my dad went home, I put the metal shelves together and moved things out of the mini-warehouse back in from the neighboring guest room. We do need to add a second coat of paint, but I wanted things to be more “together” when Robert got home.

My dad and I didn’t paint around the washer/dryer or water heater, because 1) we couldn’t really reach it, and 2) Robert and I plan to make build-ins on this wall down the road, so we may not need to paint this area anyhow. Something like this, but built around a water heater, since we plan to move the washer and dryer to the wall where the shelves are currently. (At which point the metal shelves will be used to better organize tools in our shed.) We’d love to be able to use a tankless water heater, which is why I’ve left it on the board for now – wishful thinking, but the likelihood is that it won’t work out. To be honest I wasn’t listening when Robert explained the physics-y reason it won’t work for our house, I was busy coming up with Plan B.

Initially we planned to replace the peeling linoleum with inexpensive vinyl plank flooring like we used in the kitchen, but after visiting the nearby The Tile Shop showroom we may have changed our minds.

apologies for the funky angle, I had difficulties photographing the 6×12 room

We both love these 12×12″ sheets of Gray Small Pebbles from The Tile Shop. They’re a little out of our budget, but maybe we can work something out. I do have a few DIY ideas, too, in case the cost of these sheets is a total deal-breaker.

So that’s where things stand with the laundry room. Next step (well, after the second coat of paint) is to build a platform for the washer and dryer, sort of like this. We have to finagle things around a few inches of concrete foundation(?), and if possible we need to eek two more inches out of the wall. I’ll keep y’all posted on our plans for that.

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9 Responses to Laundry Room Tweaks

  1. Awesome plans! Love your inspiration board, it’s so fresh.

    • Cait says:

      Thanks Sara! That’s definitely the look I was going for, so I’m glad it comes across well! Hoping we can squeeze in some more work on the laundry room soon!

  2. I love the pebbles! Somehow, they just seem like the perfect idea for a laundry room.

  3. Harper says:

    I love the idea of adding a door and making it a mudroom. That’s a must have in my next house. Looks like everything is coming along nicely. Great color choice.

    • Cait says:

      Thank you, Harper!

      I’m really hoping the door is feasible, we need to do some careful measuring once the washer & dryer move over and the sink goes in, but I’m thinking it may work out!

  4. Claudia says:

    Not to throw cold (and maybe hot…) water on something so pretty but a washer and dryer really need to rest on a very level surface and the pebble tile might not provide that. Pebble tile is also hard to keep clean. On the plus side, more time at The Tile Shop if you decide to use a different tile. Or maybe the concrete underneath could be painted? There also tiles available that give the look of stained and polished concrete.

    • Cait says:

      Thanks for the input, Mom!

      We aren’t actually planning to put the pebble tile under the washer/dryer for that reason, we are going to build a pedestal for them that will also raise them over the concrete that juts in. (It wouldn’t go under the build-in that will hopefully go on the other side either, just in the 32(ish) square feet in the middle of the room.) I do worry about the hard-to-clean factor. Ideally I want something flatter, like Emily’s entryway, but maybe I could just sweep dirt/leaves/etc outside if we add a door?

      I also love the tile in your kitchen, front room, and sunroom, so something like that is always an option. Fieldtrip to The Tile Shop soon!

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