Soft Opening: Design Assistance

Maybe you noticed this page when I updated it last week? It’s been up for a while, but I’ve never really formally introduced the fact that I’m now offering Design Assistance.

Though I don’t have any formal interior design training, I seem to have a knack for picking colors schemes and tracking down the perfect components for a room. I’ve been told I have almost an¬†encyclopedic knowledge of things, from where to find affordable curtains for a nursery to paint colors. I love making design boards and coming up with room ideas for people.

I also have a graphic design degree, and would love to create blog graphics for anyone in the market for affordable, custom headers, social media icons, or other graphics. For more information on services please visit the Design Assistance page, and for pricing information please contact me at

Chatting with readers is my favorite, and I’ll still do my best to promptly answer any quick email or Twitter questions (as well as all blog comments!), but I hope you understand that part of my five year plan includes using the blog to help fund some of our projects. I may also consider opening up the blog to sponsors in the way of sidebar adds and/or sponsored posts. At this time I’m still not sure I’m interested in giveaway posts. I know they’re popular, but they seem like a huge hassle. Am I wrong?

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8 Responses to Soft Opening: Design Assistance

  1. Jami @ What the Graham?! says:

    Yay!!!! About damn time!!! You know I love ya! I of course will be soliciting your services as soon as we can!!! …and any kind of services you may solicite :p

  2. Jenn says:

    Ahhhhh!!!! Yessss!!!!! Congrats! I agree! About time!

  3. To you question about giveaways…Yes, they are fun, and yes, they are a lot of work. Wrapping up our 12 days of local business gift cards today and all I can say is WOW that was a lot of effort. We have our ridiculous commitment to doing a blog post every weekday (we missed one day this year) and we felt like using the giveaways as that one post on a day was cheating a bit. So we still posted a normal post every day plus the giveaways. I like doing giveaways, especially when supporting local small businesses, but you’re right, it may not be something that helps you achieve your goal.

    • Cait says:

      Thanks so much for the advice about giveaways, Alex! I really like the idea of small, local business giveaways, but since we haven’t decided to disclose our exact location that seems like it would be difficult. Yeah, my concerns about whether or not it helps us towards our goal are that we’d like to grow readership as well and it seems like giveaway participants don’t return/read on non-giveaway days.

  4. Congrats – that’s very exciting!!

    Giveaways are a lot of work, but I have used Rafflecopter to help manage them (it’s free) and that makes it easier. I’d say if you don’t want to do local, try smaller online companies, maybe? There are certainly a plethora of Etsy shops and BigCartel shops to choose from.

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