Guest Bath Redux: Ceiling

I know, we win the award for the Slowest Bathroom Reno Ever.

The day after Thanksgiving Robert and I ripped down the guest bath ceiling. It was a really stress-relieving process involving $1 hard hats from ReStore, respirators, safety glasses, and a pry bar. When we finished we headed to Lowe’s to pick up two sheets of mold-rated drywall and a couple of recessed lights.

The next day we had both our dads over to help put the ceiling back up.

the first half going up

fitting pieces around the new vent fan

finished and ready for lights

The whole process took about 4-5 hours, including a break for lunch. As the room is only about 6.5 feet by 7.75 feet, my job was mainly to sit outside the bathroom window and grab bags of trash as they threw them out, or to fetch tools. It worked out because we only have three respirators anyhow (and I have asthma/allergies). Now notice how none of them are wearing respirators for the installation phase. Oh well. #renofail

I also forgot to run and grab the Nikon on any one of my many tool runs, so these are all iPhone photos. #bloggerfail

Robert and I are hoping to work on plumbing and wiring as soon as possible, but we’re also juggling the hall bath closet, laundry room tweaks, and possibly putting up a fence in the backyard. Oh and that pesky work thing. Fortunately this is Robert’s last week of school for the semester!

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3 Responses to Guest Bath Redux: Ceiling

  1. sara says:

    I can’t wait to see the completed version…I was looking at your post yesterday and I love the idea of black tile floors!

    • Cait says:

      Thanks Sara! Hopefully we can get things rolling and have more exciting updates to show soon!!

      The black floor tiles will most likely be going in the hall bathroom (we’re crazy and sort of taking them both on at once, though the hall bathroom is less invasive), but I think they would look lovely in this bathroom, too. We’re currently planning to use this white octagon dot tile, but if the budget works out we may splurge on black hex.

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