A Visit to The Tile Shop

Over the weekend Robert and I visited The Tile Shop showroom nearby. I didn’t think to bring the Nikon (anyone noticing a theme? #bloggerfail), but I snapped a few pictures with my iPhone of some of the inspiring designs.

This bathroom set up reminded us of our plan for the currently-gutted guest bath, although we’ll be using a drop in tub. Loving the white subway tile, the chair rail edge tile, the step/bench in the back and the train rack! The black hex floor tile would look lovely in our yellow and black hall bathroom, especially since our existing 50s floor tile is in rough shape.

The shower floor in this display reminded me of Emily at Merrypad’s entryway floor (which I’ve been crushing on for months). We don’t have access to boatloads of shale like Emily (lucky duck!), but something along the lines of these sheets of Gray Pebbles would make a gorgeous laundry room floor! They also had a flatter style at the store that I can’t seem to find online. Both the saleswoman, Carol, and my dad in talking to him later, pointed out that the pebbles may not be as comfortable to walk on when Robert and I age. Though I have to say that they felt pretty smooth and level when I laid the palm of my hand over the sample.

Though not typically my style, this travertine shower had my reaching for my camera app because it sounds pretty close to what my mom wants when she and my dad redo their master shower. Pretty much everything screamed “Mom”, right down to the enclave for shampoo/soap and the seat in the back of the shower. I’m unsure if she’d like the mosaic tile details seen here, but maybe if it was a light blue glass tile?

We didn’t leave with any time this time, but Robert and I are both leaning heavily towards the 2 x 2 in black hex tile for the hall bathroom. We left with several pamphlets and Carol’s card (one for me, one for my mom) because she was so helpful and attentive, and plan to attend one of their Saturday morning classes (every week at 9:30 AM) before we tackle the guest bathroom. We’re pretty certain we’ll be using their grout, mortar, and recessed wall shelves, too.

Note: This post is in no way sponsored by The Tile Shop. Though Robert and I would be honored to pair up with them in the future, this post is just me geeking out over all their lovely tile options!

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2 Responses to A Visit to The Tile Shop

  1. When you get to the point of tiling, if you want to talk the nitty gritty on subfloor, isolation membranes, deflection, slc, backer board, and pokey (that’s thinset), be sure to hit me up. I have a lot of info I can pass along from our past experience.

    • Cait says:

      Thanks Alex! I’ll definitely keep you in mind! We were planning on throwing out a few questions/emails to our Twitter friends (in addition to attending one of The Tile Shop’s classes), starting with you and Emily @ Merrypad.

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