I hate rats. And PEX.

Alternative title: My house’s plumbing hates me.

Let me start by saying: I know a lot of people swear by PEX. Emily at Merrypad (and DIY Network) used it in her bathroom (which looks fantastic, if you haven’t seen it, so stop by and say Happy Blogiversary!) and Martina at Adventures in Building Beauty loves their PEX. As Martina points out, it’s great in that it allows water lines to freeze without bursting. While that’s not really an issue here in North Florida, it’s a valid concern in other areas.

I’ve had some qualms about the PEX in our own house ever since the issue with the guest bath. And then I got this text regarding the laundry room leak from Robert on his lunch break.

The last part is referencing the fact that unfortunately whoever installed the PEX in our guest bath didn’t use inserts (we suspect a rat may have had something to do with things bursting there, as well).

All of this to say… We are starting on (simultaneous) Room Redo #3. For those keeping score at home, that’s guest bath, hall bath, and laundry room. Fortunately this phase of the laundry room is mainly pipe/drywall repair, removing the unused mini fridge and freezer, painting, and replacing a light fixture. One day we’ll build also a base so the washer, dryer, and laundry tower can sit side by side on the other wall. And eventually we want to replace the water heater, install a sink, and maybe adding a window.

I came up with a design board for the space almost two years ago, and my plans for the space are pretty much the same.

Thankfully we already have the washer, dryer, and laundry tower in the room. We bought the paint on a wild hair a while back, and we have the shelving unit, sink & faucet as well. The fabric is the same fabric we used for master bedroom curtains, although we may decide to just add a skylight.

I suppose my incessant dreaming, planning & buying things (like the sink) way too far in advance sometimes makes it easier to land on our feet when something like this happens. When the pipe burst in the guest bath I was ready the next day with a plan & a design board. I usually plan first, and ask questions about feasibility later. Another bonus of planning so far in advance is that we have more time to problem solve when we run into design issues.

So that’s where we are with the laundry room plans. This weekend entails some drywall patching in the laundry room, as well as spackling, sanding, texturizing and painting in the hall bath closet.

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7 Responses to I hate rats. And PEX.

  1. Total bummer that everything seemed to hit at once, but that’s the way life is isn’t it? (At least in my experience).
    I tend to plan first & buy materials so far ahead of the game it’s silly. But it’s nice to space out the expenses on projects & if everything is ready then the project is only waiting on the labour and not materials to arrive which usually allows the work to proceed smoothly and with less delays.

    • Cait says:

      Thanks, Martina! Yes, that is totally how life seems to happen! I completely agree about spreading expenses out, but sometimes it overwhelms Robert (ok, and me too) to have parts and pieces for so many things sitting around. (Because I buy parts for EVERYTHING in advance. Oops.)

  2. emily says:

    What a pain in the butt. PEX scares me a lot overall, although I never had considered having to deal with rats. It’s certainly a good thing to keep in mind in older homes (in my neighborhood, at least). Mice, squirrels, anything would chance chewing it I suppose. I was most concerned about the water pressure being less than great, but ours has been fine since the shower was switched from copper to PEX!

    • Cait says:

      Thanks for the comment, Emily! Honestly I never considered the idea of rats or squirrels chewing piping until we discovered the issue in the guest bath. We recently replaced the hall bath’s shower pipe with CPVC (it was galvanized before), but probably would have tried PEX if we hadn’t already had issues with it. I don’t know that I’d have trusted PEX for a laundry room or even a whole bathroom like our previous homeowner did, but I’m sure the new white version of PEX is vastly improved!

  3. I think it’s great that you plan so much in advance! I do the same, but I have this problem where I CONSTANTLY am changing my mind.

    In other news I had never heard of PEX or of rats chewing through plumbing. I guess it’s because I have never owned a home?

    • Cait says:

      Thanks Jane! I usually change my mind ALL the time! Right now I’m wavering on what type of flooring to put in the laundry room…

      I had never heard of PEX (or rats chewing on plumbing – other things yes, but not plumbing) until we had the issue in the guest bath. I assumed everyone just used CPVC/PVC, copper, or galvanized if the house was really old. It seems the gray type of PEX is circa the 80′s, and it failed a lot (I hear the grey PEX is the reason Shark Bites were invented)! The new white PEX seems to be a lot better.

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