Why I Haven’t Been Blogging Lately

snapped this in the airport

Aunt J’s view

Robert and I snuck away to spent our fourth anniversary in Seattle. I may do a post later chock-full of Seattle pictures, for now our trip is only part of the reason we haven’t been posting.

In July I posted this. (If you don’t want to click, the gist of it is this: July 15th, 2011 Robert and I were the victims of a crime. One minute we were leaving his grandmother’s birthday party saying “Want to drop these cookies off at Ryan’s house?” and the next there were bullets flying through my car. With us in it.)

When we planned the trip, we were expecting the trial to be the week before we left. It was unfortunate timing, but meant our week in Seattle was the perfect excuse to unwind and move forward. Instead, the trial got pushed back, and we left town thinking things were on hold “until further notice”. On the morning of our anniversary, while drinking coffee and looking out at the view above, Robert answered a phone call from the Assistant State Attorney and learned the trial would be held the week after we got back.

I still don’t want to get into a lot of detail, so I’ll just say this: he wasn’t convicted. Robert knocked on our (former) best friend’s door and man (our friend’s neighbor) shot at Robert and into my car. The neighbor confessed to the police, and he wasn’t convicted.

* * * *

The whole thing happened right around the time last year that my paternal grandmother passed away, and I was getting over strep throat & an ear infection. If you look back at out posts from last summer, you might notice that we were making headway on things like the front porch & curb appeal, and we were guest posting about planning the entryway & our backyard. We were shifting away from trying to do step-by-step tutorials, and starting to do more posts about our guest bath budget, the patio (at the time we were still planning on reclaimed brick), and design boards. We were getting comfortable with who we are as a blog, what we wanted from our house, and what we post about.

And then suddenly, radio silence. Vague posts, lists, quotes, a lot of planning and not much follow through.

I think y’all will understand when I say it’s an understatement to say this whole experience shook our confidence. It’s definitely the reason behind some of my vague posts (like this one, or just about anything tagged “life”).

The whole thing was a giant curve ball, and over the last 15 months we’ve been enjoying our house more than working on it. It has been our refuge. Robert and I are working on moving forward, and putting this all behind us. We’re starting to get back on track, but please bear with us (me) if I rehash some things we’ve been planning and not doing for over a year.

If I get a chance, I’ll also be taking pictures for a general-house-update of sorts, and posting a bit about our kitchen later tonight.

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18 Responses to Why I Haven’t Been Blogging Lately

  1. casacaudill says:

    I have absolutely no faith in our criminal justice system. I’m still so sorry you have had to go through this. :-(

    • Cait says:

      Thank you, Becky! I have no faith in them either, but Robert and I tried to stay positive (not something I’m especially go at) through this. I’m glad the procedures are finally over, even if it’s not the outcome we had hoped. Here’s hoping karma will take care of the rest.

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  3. I’m sorry that things turned out the way they did, but here’s hoping that now you can close the door to an unhappy chapter. Maybe completing a few small projects can help you get your mojo back! We care about you out here in twitter/blogland and hope to see some great things from you soon! But if not? You know what? It’s okay. Do what makes you feel happy/good/de-stressed. <3

  4. Heather says:

    This breaks my heart. Take care of yourselves and whatever you post, we’ll be here to read it.

  5. First of all, I’m so sorry you and Robert had t go through that. I noticed some vague allusions in your older posts, and I hope that life is moving up and the emotional healing has begun for you both. That is a really big/scary thing to go through.

    Second, I am glad you are posting again! I’ve noticed you haven’t been around!

    • Cait says:

      Thank you, Kat! I think the emotional healing has begun, but I have a feeling it may be a long road ahead.

      I’m glad I’m posting again, too! :)

  6. Jenny says:

    I don’t have any faith in the criminal justice system, either. I am a huge believer in karma, though, and I’m positive that his actions will not go unpunished. I’m just sorry that you had to go through that but you will both be stronger for it in the end. The slogging through it is never easy. I’m sending you a big virtual hug, or if that’s too familiar, a reassuring pat on the back ;-)

    • Cait says:

      Thank you for the comment (and the virtual hug!), Jenny! I hope you are right about karma! I do think Robert and I are stronger for having gone through this, like you said. :)

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  8. Oh Cait, my heart goes out to you guys! It is absolutely ridiculous that you and Robert would have to go through all of that (and for what? to have the justice system fail you?), and I’m sorry that you did. I had been wondering when you would get back in the blogging saddle, but knew that some serious life stuff had gone down (and only now realize how life shaking it truly was).

    Taking a hiatus to focus on you & Robert while trying to process everything that happened is not only normal but completely understanding. Glad that you’re both safe and starting on the healing journey. Sending lots of good vibes your way.

    • Cait says:

      Thank you, Martina!! We are so grateful for all the good thoughts/vibes! I’m glad we’re both safe, too. It has taken a while, but I’ve started to reach the “yes, it was horrible, and horrifying, but it could have been so much worse” point. (Although I’m still a tad bitter that we had to go through all that just so the system could fail us!)

  9. sara says:

    Wow, so scary. What a year you have had. No wonder you haven’t been able to post much. I think when you say you have been “enjoying” your house, that is so important. More important then anything. Life altering scares = process = evaluate. I’m glad to hear (or at least I take it,) you are coming around / things are settling.

    • Cait says:

      Yes, it’s been quite a year! We definitely had to step back and re-evaluate our priorities while everything was “on hold”, so to speak. Suddenly drywalling the guest bathroom (or blogging!) didn’t seem as pressing as enjoying life & our house. Now that we’re moving forward our priorities are getting back to about where they were.

  10. Cait and Robert,
    What a terrifying, frustrating, and uprooting 15 months. You are an absolute trooper for not cutting yourself off completely from the outside world – a thing I might have done as a (poor) defense mechanism. But you have always been willing to chat on Twitter and answer my weird questions on email. You are an amazing person. Robert, I don’t know you, but you’re married to Cait, and I can’t fathom how you wouldn’t be amazing.

    • Cait says:

      Thank you so much for the kind words, Sara! (And I apologize for my late reply!) I am always happy to chat/answer questions! Though I haven’t been blogging as much the normalcy of chatting on Twitter has been really nice.

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