Just popping in…

Just a quick note to say, this beauty is making an appearance in a kitchen near you me soon!

I’m going to be in cooking heaven with matching appliances (we picked up a stove and dishwasher from the Sears Outlet shortly after we bought our house) and more room to store ingredients & leftovers!! And one day we may even get around to replacing the sagging cabinet doors.

I’ll be back later with more details about things like why we picked this fridge, and photos of a small project I tackled (solo!) on Sunday. (And I still owe you guest bathroom details.)

And while we’re on the subject of kitchens, who has a favorite recipe they want to share? This beef & broccoli from Rainy Day Gal is amaaaazing, and you know I love me some Peas & Crayons (seriously, everything Jenn cooks is fantastic), and lately I’ve been wanting to try a bunch of recipes from Iowa Girl Eats.

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11 Responses to Just popping in…

  1. casacaudill says:

    I think that might be our fridge. And I love it.

  2. Elisa says:

    Well that is one fiiiine fridge. This totally sounds pervy but I want to see the inside too! e.e;

    • Cait says:

      Haha I will totally post pictures of the inside of it, Elisa! For now I’ll see what I can find on the web, and I’ll be sure to take some when it is delivered on Monday!!

  3. That is one gorgeous fridge!

  4. awww i love you so!!!!!

    so excited about your new appliances!!! ours has the same layout and i looooove it! hooray for shiny and new <3 [and duh matching!!!!]

    • Cait says:

      I love you too, Jenn! :)

      I am SO excited about this freaking fridge, it’s crazy! And yes, the matching part is making me especially giddy!

  5. Oh! Congrats on the new fridge!! Two doors up top and freezer on the bottom is the way to go.

    • Cait says:

      Thanks, Lindsay! I’m already smitten with the french door style, and they haven’t even delivered it yet! We went to Lowe’s last night and I was fawning over the 21.7 cubic foot version! Haha (nerd alert).

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