Pinterest Partayy!

If you read What The Graham (and if you don’t, you should!) you might have heard a little something about the Pinterest Partayy Jami is spearheading. Robert & I aren’t typically big on resolutions, but we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to start the year off right with a completed project (and maybe a chance to check another thing off my 25-before-25 list).

Here’s a little preview of what we’re going to be tackling.

from BHG

from Our Midcentury

seen on YHL

If you’d like to join us, we’re going to be linking our Pinterest inspired projects up on the 15th (two weeks from now). You can either come back here, visit one of the other lovely ladies’ blogs (Baby Gators Den, Design Build Love, Merrypad, Mrs PrissThe Stucco Bungalow and of course What the Graham) to link up, or both!

Happy New Year, y’all! Did anyone make resolutions?

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6 Responses to Pinterest Partayy!

  1. oh!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see what you make!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Should I use more exclamation points to show my excitement? :)

  2. tackling the entryway eh? =) soooo excited to see what you do! <3

    • Cait says:

      Yep! Thanks Jenn :) Robert is working on part of it today, and hopefully we’ll get it finished up tonight (unless I have to activate stupid BCS bowl items tonight).

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